A Cut Above The Rest

Process Monitoring

Shetty Infraservices offers operational services, data logging and data analysis through Process Monitoring.

Priority Service

Shetty Infraservices has a dedicated call desk so that clients call get attended quicker and close faster.

Service Specialists Group

A team of professionals called the Service Specialists Group is on standby to handle hi-end technical problem.

Trained Personnel

Shetty Infraservices Engineers and Technicians undergo extensive training in handling sophisticated Electrical and Mechanical equipment.

Any Time Access

Shetty Infraservices' service personnel, including technicians are equipped with cell phones for easier access.

Quality Management

Shetty Infraservices Pvt. Ltd. has an ISO Certified Quality Management System in place. It helps in benchmarking best practice existing in other service Industries for developing and implementing service delivery standards in conformity with the same. Service is continually monitored through the Service Quality Assurance group.

Preventive Checks

The Company offers preventive maintenance checks which help in identifying problems early, thus preventing costly down times.