Specialized Services

Building Management System

A building management system, popularly known as a building automation system, is a computer-based control system installed in buildings that controls and monitors the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems. Shetty Infra services single handedly manages Centralized Control of Chillers, AHUs, FCUs, Heat Recovery Wheel, Ventilation Fan Units, Lighting Controls, Plumbing Controls, Water Management & Sewage System, Integrated UPS, Packaged Units & Diesel Generators.

Access Control, Electronic Security System

Building security is the most critical aspect of any type of building. Shetty Infra services offers various state-of-the-art security platforms for modern buildings. We deal with Building Access Controls, Proximity Readers, Scan Type Readers, Swipe Cards & Biometry, CCTV, DVR, Record Time & Attendance Management.

Electro - Mechanical Service

We offer cost-effective electro-mechanical solutions under one roof. We are proficient in Electro-mechanical field. Our Electro-Mechanical Services include Operation & Maintenance Electrical Design of SLD Panel Design & Erection, Design & Solution of Lighting & Lumination.


HVAC system functions as the lungs for the buildings. It sucks in fresh air, circulates and sends in every corner of the premise within range. HVAC system circulates fresh air more than a dozen times during the day and while doing that, lots of impurities contaminate the HVAC ducts. Shetty Infra services offer Operation & Maintenance, Design & Installation of HVAC System Maintenance of high precision A/C Maintenance of DX & Chilled Water System.

Fire Detection & Fire Fighting System

Design, Installation, Operation & Maintenance Microprocessor based Fire Panels, different types of Detectors, Hydrant, Sprinkler, Extinguishers etc. Gas Suppression Systems.